September 23, 2009 – Costa rica fishing


Not many boats going out this week. The guys I did talk to were catching some sailfish, mahi mahi and small tuna.  I didn’t hear about any marlin bites but we all know they are out there.

The guys on the 28′ Carolina Classic took a fly fisherman out for a half day of roosterfishing…they had a couple chances but no luck.  If your a fly fisherman you would rather catch one on the fly than 5 by conventional tackle.   The payoff can come with just one nice fish.

We took some friends from Holland out into the bay Tuesday for some kayaking and boating (beer drinking).  It was a little windy but still sunny and nice.  The visitors spent most of their time swmming and kayaking but did manage to catch a couple nice mackerel.

My friends and I were just talking about how nice the weather has been for rainy season.  October is our wettest month so we still have to get through that but we have really had a nice rainy season with warm days, light winds and below average rain.

Today I woke up thinking we may have spoke too soon.  It’s dark and rainy…like late September should be….good tuna weather.

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