October 6, 2009 – costa rica deep sea fishing

Things have been slow around the dock the past week.  it seems like just one or two boats going out per day.  The weather has been really nice with sunny days and small seas but there just not many people fishing.  My buddies are still out of town so our boats still in the rack with a fresh coat of wax.

The guys on the 27 Shamrock went out to the craters yesterday and caught 18 mahi mahi in the 30 to 40 pound range.  The captain said after a while he tried to drive away from the mahi mahi because he was running out of bait and still wanted to get the guys a chance at some sailfish. When I saw the captain he was buying limes and peppers so he could make some mahi mahi ceviche.

I received an email from another angler that fished this week and they caught a dozen 15 pound yellowfin, 7 nice mahi mahi and a couple wahoo on day 1.  They followed that up with a handful of big mahi mahi and 4 sailfish releases on day 2.  That’s good fishing for October.

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