October 28, 2009 – Costa Rica Fishing

The rain started a week ago Monday and was pretty steady the first 6 days with all day rain, wind and clouds.  The past couple days we have seen some sunshine during the day with some showers at night and early in the morning…so the weather is on an upswing.

Every October we get a week or two of all day rain and crappy weather…this year it was later than usual but it still came.  The best part is it signals the end of rainy season and the start of our summertime with good weather and good fishing.

The past two Novembers have been great months offshore so we are all looking forward to the next few months and some good offshore action.

There have been a handful of boats going out here and there.  Most boats seem to be getting plenty of mahi mahi in the 30 to 40 pound range with the occasional sailfish, marlin and tuna.

I heard the weather on the Caribbean side was improved and the tarpon bite was good.  I was hoping to get over there and fish a couple days but not this week.

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