November 15, 2009 – back to work…kinda







I am still recovering and getting caught up from my trip to Nicaragua for some tarpon and snook fishing.  Laundry, cleaning house, getting caught up on emails and watch some NFL is my plan for the day.

The fishing out of Los Suenos Marina the past week seems to have been similar to the weeks before.  The boats going offshore have been getting good numbers on mahi mahi, good numbers on tuna when they find the pack and a few sailfish and marlin here and there.  The boats going down to the 26 rock did good on mahi mahi, snappers, jacks and small yellowfin tuna.  The inshore fishing has been decnet for roosterfish with boats averaging 2 or 3 fish…usually on half day trips.

My tarpon/snook trip to Nicaragua was just about perfect.  I took a water taxi from Costa Rica up to Nicaragua a couple hours and fished the San Juan river near a colonial British Fort called El Castillo.  The area in rich in history and has been home to pirates, colonial armies and steamboat trips by Mark Twain.  The area is also home to a huge nature reserve that has thousands of species of birds, reptiles and mammals.

The lodge was clean, comfortable and very peaceful.  My cabin was nice and had a big deck overlooking the river.  The food was great and made to order, omelets, pancakes,  fish, river lobster, imported steaks and the beers were cold.

I fished tarpon in the morning and snook in the afternoon and ended up with 5 tarpon from 80 to 150 pounds and 10 snook from 5 to 10 pounds in the 3 days of fishing.  These tarpon are big and very powerful and will find any weakness in your tackle.  They broke 2 brand new lures and ruined a good Penn reel.  The water is only 10 to 15 ft deep so the fight is mainly all top water.  It’s amazing to watch a 150 pound tarpon jump 6 feet out of the water a few yards from the boat.

I really enjoyed the snook fishing with light tackle.  Snook are one of the best eating fish there is and there are plenty of nice snook up on the Rio San Juan.  Snook fishing is also good for beer drinking and there was plenty of cold bottled Victoria beer in the cooler.

There are many misconceptions about Nicaragua.  I can tell you from my experience that it is a safe place, with very friendly people, beautiful scenery and some great fishing.  Getting across the border was a breeze and everyone greeted me with a smile and a friendly hello.  The government has made many improvements in the area with paved road, parks, new buildings, less pollution, protected areas, restrictions on commercial fishing and English classes to help the locals increase their tourism potential.

I am already planning my next trip and making my wish list from Bass Pro.  If you are looking for an adventure, beautiful scenery and great fishing in a unspoiled area then the Rio San Juan is great spot.

Viva Rio San Juan!

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