December 10, 2009 – Costa Rica fishing

The fishing the past few days out of the Los Suenos marina has improved for sailfish.  The boats going offshore are still catching lots of mahi mahi and the past few days they have been catching more sailfish.  The hot bite today was 35 to 40 miles out and there were lots of mahi mahi and everyone caught a handful of sailfish.  Most of the boats out there were private boats but a couple charter boats made it out there.

The guys on the 28′ Carolina Classic took 1 angler out for a full day offshore and they caught a dozen mahi mahi all in the 30 pound range and 4 sailfish over 100 pounds.   The mahi mahi were so thick they had 6 on at the same time.  The angler flubbed a cast and it landed 5 feet behind the boat and he still caught a mahi mahi.

Another captain told me they mahi were so thick they had to drive away from them because they were running out of ballyhoo and still wanted to catch sailfish.  They ended the day with 20 mahi mahi and 3 sailfish.

It’s full summertime down here with 90 degree weather and flat seas.  I’m from Omaha and it was minus 11 degrees there this morning so I count my blessings everyday that I am in Costa Rica and not shoveling and scraping my way through a Nebraska winter.   If you are somewhere cold come visit Costa Rica for some hot weather and great fishing.

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