December 13, 2009 – gone tarpon fishing

Some friends and I are getting out of town for a quick tarpon and snook trip the next 3 days.  We are heading up to the same area I fished a month ago and have described in the fishing reports at the bottom of the page.   My goal this trip is to get a tarpon on a circle hook with dead ballyhoo.  Everyone uses Rapalas up there but I hate all the hooks and attached to a 150 pound tarpon it can be dangerous. Circle hooks work better and are much better for the health of the fish…I just hope they work.

The offshore fishing here has been amazing for mahi mahi.  Several old timers told me they have never seen the mahi mahi so thick.  Boats going 30 plus miles out are catching all the mahi mahi they can handle as well as a few sailfish each day and there have also been some marlin caught.

I will have net access from Nicaragua and will try and update the fishing reports.

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