December 18, 2009 – Tarpon fishing Nicaragua





My friends and I just returned from a couple days tarpon fishing on the San Juan River in Nicaragua.  The weather was nice, the food was great and the beers were cold.  All the tarpon virgins caught a fish over 100 pounds and all of the tarpon we hooked were released unharmed to fight another day.

The fishing was a little slower than the last time I was up there but the reality is big tarpon up there are similar to marlin almost anywhere in the world.  If you really want to catch one you may have to have patience and troll all day, you are lucky if you get a couple chances and you are even luckier if you can get a hook set and get the fish to the boat.

Just like my trip last month those big tarpon straightened out hooks, broke big lures in half and really tested the limits of our rods and reels.

I am getting caught up on emails today and will have a local fishing report after I get back from the marina later on this afternoon.

Both fish in the photos above were over 100 pounds.  One had several jumps that were 8 feet out of the water…some powerful fish.

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