December 21, 2009 – costa rica deep sea fishing

The fishing the past week out of the Los Suenos marina continues to improve.  The boats going offshore are still catching all the mahi mahi they want.  Every captain I have talked to says they have never seen them so thick.

My buddy that runs a private boat said they found a old milk crate out there and there were 500 to 1000 mahi mahi under it.  He said the ocean around the crate was green because there were so many mahi.   They caught a bunch and moved on.

There have also been more sailfish and marlin caught in the past week.  Boats seemed to be averaging anywhere from 3 to 8 sailfish per day and a handful of boats caught some marlin.   The bite also seemed to move in a bit and boats are fishing 30 to 40 miles out.

We have had some unusual weather for late December with a few evening and early morning showers…it should not hurt the fishing and actually is a nice break from the usually hot and sunny weather this time of year.

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