December 28, 2009 – Costa Rica fishing sailfish bite


I went fishing out by the craters yesterday with some of my buddies.  The craters are about 25 miles to the west, they are 6000 ft deep and usually have some good action…but not yesterday. 

Actually we had our chances but the fish seemed to be biting short and we had guys working on hooking their own fish.  We raised a few sailfish and about a half dozen mahi mahi and ended the day with a couple mahi.  It was still a great day with good tunes, calm seas, lots of sun, cold beers and hanging out with the boys.

The bite has been out past the craters and that’s were we were headed except I had to borrow a prop from someone last week and it was not the right pitch for our boat.  Normally we can cruise at 30 mph but yesterday with the borrowed prop it was more like 20 mph so we didn’t push out as far as we would have normally.

We went west and we should have gone south.  My buddy in the 32′ Irwin Forbes was down south and he went 7 for 8 on sailfish plus a handful of mahi mahi.  Several other boats were down there catching fish but they got their late and didn’t do as well as the 32′ Irwin Forbes.

Everyone is going south today for sure.

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