January 4, 2010 – Costa Rica marlin fishing



I went out today with some friends on the 42′ Maverick.  My buddies Dad is in town and he likes to fish.  We started at 35 miles out..picked up a couple sailfish and a couple of mahi mahi.  We got a call on the radio about a cargo net that was loaded with fish.  We ran another 10 miles caught some live bait and had a great day.

We ended the day going 2 for 5 on blue marlin…most of the fish were 200 to 250 pounds but the second bite we had was a big un…maybe 400 pounds.   It peeled off a bunch of line and spit the bait.

We also caught 20 or so yellowfin tuna…most were small so were used as bait.  We did keep a couple of the nicer ones and i just had a  big plate of seared tuna, wasabi and say sauce.  yum.

We caught at least a half dozen mahi mahi and we could have caught 50 if we wanted to.  I was happy to get a 30 pounder and a 45 pounder old school style with my hand line (yoyo).  I did get a couple burns on my hand from the big one but it was well worth it.  I also caught a 10 pound triple tail on my hand line.

We had a couple wahoo bites and a couple mystery bites.

The weather was perfect, 85 and calm seas, the beers were cold and the fishing was good.

The owner of the boat fished with us so we got the VIP treatment and didn’t get back to the dock until 6 pm.  I am having a cocktail and relaxing and will get to my emails in the morning.

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