January 9, 2010 – Costa Rica fishing




The fishing the past couple days has been up and down.  Thursday was good with everyone getting 6 to 8 sailfish and 3 or 4 mahi and then yesterday slowed down and boats were getting 2 or 3 sailfish and 1 or 2 mahi.  Today it seemed to pick up again.

My friends and I went out today on a 42′ Maverick and went 4 for 5 on sailfish and caught 3 nice mahi mahi…including a 35 pounder on my hand line.  Had we stayed closer we probably would have caught more sailfish but we wanted to go for marlin so we went way out hoping for a chance a marlin but it didn’t happen.  The guys had a caught a 400 pound black marlin, 4 sailfish and a couple mahi mahi yesterday in the same area…so we were hoping for a marlin. It was still a great day with homemade banana bread, chicken lasagna and cold beers for lunch.

My buddy on the 36′ Topaz borrowed my kayaks and took some guys kayak fishing for sailfish.  They caught 6 on Thursday and 3 yesterday…all fighting the sailfish from a kayak.

Another friend went out today and I won’t mention his name…he knows who he is. They had one of those days that just happens sometimes…they went 1 for 14 on sailfish.  He said they had hooks in at least 10 fish and they still kept coming off.  I understand…I took a friend and his dad out a few years ago and we went 1 for 10 on sails the fist day and 8 for 10 the second day and I did the same thing both days.

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