February 8, 2010 – sailfish bite slows a bit


We had our first rain in 2 months last night and I wonder if the oncoming weather front had anything to do with a little dip in the fishing yesterday.

Everyone I talked to caught fish…a couple guys caught 1 or 2 sailfish and a couple guys caught 3 or 4 sailfish.  Some of the private boats that were out 50 plus miles caught 5 or 6 sails.  Most of the boats caught a mahi mahi or two for the dinner table but even the mahi mahi bite seemed to slow the last 2 days.

The fish are still out there…lots of boats had 10 plus sailfish releases just last week so the sails couldn’t have gone too far.  Fishing is fishing and even in high season we are going to have peaks and valleys with the bite.

We usually don’t encourage pulling too many sailfish out of the water for photos…but when a 13 year old catches his first sailfish we make an exception.   95 pound Nathan Mesher AKA “the soccer professor” caught a monster sailfish last week on the 60′ Bertram…congrats Nathan.

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