charter do’s and don’t

I had a group contact me a few days ago and told me they needed a 50′ boat for 2 days offshore.  They said they are upscale customers and wanted something really nice.  I told them there were a couple big, old, smokey, slow, crappy charter boats in the charter dock but I wouldn’t put my people on one of them.   I told them I would check on other options.

Within 24 hours I had found them a newer 60′ Bertram, fast boat, American owned and operated, direct tv, great crew and quality tackle for $2500 per day with 2 days booked.

They told me they had already booked a boat.  I said no problem and ask them who they are fishing with.  They gave me the name that I won’t mention and they got fooled into reserving one of those big, old, smokey, crappy, slow boats that I warned them about…they paid $2500 per day for a piece of crap.  A boat with motor problems, electrical problem and 20 year old shag carpeting that smells like puke and stale beer.

The guys that sold the charter should be ashamed for putting anyone on that boat.  More than likely they will not have a good time, they will not like that boat and they will not have a good fishing experience in Costa Rica.

We are all about repeat and referral business and we will put you on the best boat for your budget.  So even if you don’t catch many fish you will still have a quality experience fishing Costa Rica.

Don’t trust everything you see on the Internet.

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