March 5, 2010 – Skunks can happen

Most websites will only show you the good things people say about them.  I am going to post the worst email I have received this year.  It was a group of 4 and I set them up with the 38′ Custom for a day of offshore fishing a week or so ago.

“If you read your report one would think that you are suppose to catch fish especially when they book with you.  We did book with you and and I guess you can say we did have an expensive boat ride because not only did we not catch a fish, we did not get a bite.  What is the odds of that happening when you troll for 8 solid hours?    To your credit, It was a nice boat, however, The captain may be a great guy but I do not believe he knows crap about fishing”

I responded to this email and ask for more details, was the boat in good condition?  was there a problem with the crew?  was the equipment nice?  was the food good?

I have not heard back from the angler and I hope they provide me with some feedback.

I really already know the answers to these questions because I have fished on the boat, my friends have fished on the boat and I have had numerous anglers fish on the boat.

I have known the captain for 6 years and he is a hard worker, very competitive and catches as many fish as anyone in the marina.   He is one of the few guys that run 50 miles to find fish and he has been a captain down here for 8 plus years.  I am sure he was on the radio all day talking to other captains to find the bite and I’m sure he did everything possible to catch his clients fish…that’s how he works…that’s why I use him.

The boat is a newer, faster nice boat with ac and top of the line tackle and i’m sure the food was good…not steak and shrimp good but good for charter food.

The reports I post are accurate and not made up…if you read the reports from the past month I say the fishing has been strange, the bite a bit off and boats are catching 1 to 6 fish a day.

Charter fishing can be  tough business…you can do everything right, good boat, good crew, good tackle, good equipment and if you don’t catch fish you are a zero and not a hero.

We can’t control how the fish are biting.   People don’t get skunked very often in Costa Rica but it can happen.

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