March 22, 2010 – tarpon and snook fishing



I just returned from 3 days tarpon and snook fishing on the San Juan river in Nicaragua and I am worn out.

The weather was perfect, the lodge and food was great, we drank more cold beers than I can count and the fishing was good enough.  I caught my biggest tarpon so far about 180 pounder.  My buddy caught a 140 pound tarpon and we also caught a 12 pound and a 20 pound snook.

This is not the place you go for a bunch of fish.  Fishing for big tarpon is like fishing for marlin.  You troll all day and hope to get 2 or 3 bites and if you get one fish to the boat you are lucky.

I am getting caught up with unpacking, laundry and emails…I should have a local fishing report by this afternoon.

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