Happy Holiday


The fishing the last few days out of the Los Suenos Marina has been steady.  Everyone I talked to has been raising anywhere from 3 to 12 sails per day and maybe a mahi or tuna if they were in the right place at the right time.  I also heard there was a decent amount of marlin being raised.

The 36 Topaz released 7 sailfish on the 2nd of April.

On April 3rd the 36′ Topaz released 20 sailfish and the 4th they released 16 sailfish.  They also had a couple mahi mahi in the mix.  This group went in early on day 2 because their arms hurt from reeling in fish.

The 38 Custom released 5 sailfish on a 3/4 day trip.

A captain friend of mine on a private boat said they averaged 12 releases a day the last 3 days in March..just 30 miles out…they also added a blue marlin.

One of the 42′ Mavericks released more than 40 sails in 3 days of fishing.

One captain I talked to said the conditions looked better than he had seen all season.  He said the water is good color and temp and there were lots of birds and they were marking sailfish…they went 1 for 3 that day and raised a blue marlin.   This captain said on April 1st that the bite looked like it was ready to blow up.

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