April 8, 2010 – sails, tuna and some marlin

The charter docks are always a little slow after Easter week with just a handful of boat going out each day.  The fishing the last few days around Los Suenos has been a good mix of fish.  They are seeing fewer sailfish than they did last week but some tuna and marlin have moved in.  Almost everyone I talked had seen a marlin or was right next to someone that did.

One of the 42′ Mavericks released 1 sailfish and caught 3 tuna the other day…one of the tuna’s was 150 pounds and took 3 hours to get to the boat.  Had they not spent 3 hours on one fish they probably would have caught several more fish.

One of the 36′ on the charter dock released 3 sails, kept 3 tunas and saw 2 marlin.

The 60′ Bertram released 1 sailfish and kept a handful of yellowfin tunas.

My boat is finally legal again.  My navigation permit expired and it took more than a month to get the inspector to come out and inspect my boat.  The joys of Costa Rica.

I want to warn people again of who you book your fishing trips through.  I took a call the other day and it was a guy looking to book a boat for someone.  I ask for details and I gave him a couple good options between $750 and $1200 per day.  He told me he wanted the $750 boat but was going to charge them $1200 so he could make some $450 in extra commission.

I told him I wasn’t going to be involved in that and told him if the guy wants to spend $1200 then put him on a $1200 boat.  He did not call me back so he must have found someone else to do his dirty deal.

If you are booking a trip from someone they should at least have some sort of website with the services they offer and they should have boat prices listed on their website.  If they don’t have boat prices listed then I’m not sure I would trust them.

I wrote this a few months and thought I should put it up again…

 “Everyone and their brother tries to book charter boats in Costa Rica.  I am always amazed when people book a trip with someone who knows nothing about fishing and sometimes nothing about Costa Rica.

Here are some of the people you will find trying to sell fishing trips in Costa Rica..travel agents in the USA that have never been fishing, guys that don’t even live in Costa Rica, guys that don’t live at the beach, guys that don’t have a boat but still call themselves captain, guys that hang out in bars looking to find charter clients, real estate agents, hotel clerks, golf caddies, taxi drivers, condo owners, street vendors, waiters, bartenders, ATV tour operators and the list goes on.”

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