April 23, 2010 – lots of fish in the water


Sorry for the lack of reports but our neighborhood was basically without power for the past 3 days.

Allegedly some guy was burning brush and it started a couple power poles on fire and it took 3 days to fix.  So for 3 days no fans, no ac, no hot showers, no morning coffee…it’s been worse than camping.

The fishing the past few days has been average…not great but not bad either.

Most of the groups  were catching anywhere from 3 to 6 sailfish as well as some mahi mahi and a few marlin.

All of the guys I talked to said that they saw dozens and dozens of sailfish the past few days…they were just not feeding.  Several captains told me they counted more than 100 free jumpers and swimmers.

One guy I talked to this evening said he heard the bite started to pop today and a couple boats had 20 plus bites about 30 miles offshore.

My buddies are going out in our boat tomorrow so I should know if the bite turns on.  I’ll be stuck at home working like a rented mule trying to get caught up on emails and other things after our 3 day power outage.


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