May 6, 2010 – sailfish and some tuna

Sorry for the lack of info this week but there have not been many tourist in town and it’s been pretty slow around the charter dock.  May is a lazy month around here and everyone has been lazy about fish reports.

The guys I have talked to have been doing good offshore… catching anywhere from 3 to 6 sailfish each day and some boats get a tuna or two and a couple boat caught a mahi mahi or two.  There were also a few marlins sightings but I didn’t talk to anyone that could verify anything 100%.

The inshore has not really started up yet…some guys went out a half day yesterday to a spot across the bay called Negritas and fought a nice roosterfish and a nice snapper but both fish broke off.

The weather has been nice with sunny days in the mid 80’s, light breezes and some evening showers to cool things off and keep the dust down.

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