March 11, 2008

Groover Sail

A month ago a guy from Atlanta sent me a email about fishing…he ended his letter like this:
Greg Groover (a person who badly wants to catch a sailfish)

He wasn’t greedy, he didn’t ask for 10 Sailfish, a Marlin, some Tuna, a few Dorado, a Wahoo and a Roosterfish all on a half day trip like some people do. He was just a person that badly wants to catch a Sailfish…just one.

I’m happy to report Mr. Groover and his folks went 2 for 4 on Sailfish on a half day trip on the “Scorpion”. He called me after the trip and I could hear the excitement and happiness in his voice.

I almost forgot what it was like to catch the first Sailfish. I grew up in Nebraska where a big fish was a 10 pound Carp so when I caught my first Sailfish in Quepos in 1998 I was instantly hooked. I went home and within a year sold everything I had, left a good job and took a chance on Costa Rica.

Ten years later and there have been some good times and there have been some bad times but I’ve caught hundreds of Sailfish and I’ve help hundreds of friends and tourist catch Sailfish…I love this country and I love my job.

To say that one Sailfish in Quepos back in 1998 changed my life is a understatement. Will it have the same effect on Mr. Groover? Will he sell everything he has and move down here because Costa Rica has great fishing and beautiful women? Probably not, but I hope he at least reads this and send me some photos of his first Sailfish and I hope he visits Costa Rica again.

Congrats Greg…and thanks for the reminder.

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