June 3, 2010 – post storm conditions offshore


The guys that fished offshore yesterday out of Los Suenos that the water was green, green, green.  Nobody was able to find blue water and I think you were lucky to get 2 or 3 fish of any type.  One boat just came back from the Coco Islands and they said the blue water was way out there…60 plus miles.

I heard some talk about the boat that fished multiple days at the Cocos  Islands.  They went 9 for 15 on marlin and they caught a 200 plus pound yellowfin. They also caught sailfish and mahi mahi.

The wet season is usually when we catch most of our roosterfish.  There is a spot across the bay that produced a couple 80 pounders last week.  See photo.

Some local fisherman caught a Goliath Grouper in the same area last week that weighed 147 kilos and the photos were all in the local newspapers so there are some hogs over there.

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