July 19, 2010 – technical difficulties


About an hour after I made my last post on this blog the neighbors tree fell and took out all of the power and phones lines on our block.  It was a long weekend with no power and no phone.   The electric company was here all day yesterday working and at 9 pm last night they swapped out the transformer and luckily power returned about 11 pm.  I plan on working all day from home and should get caught up.

My buddies went to the 26 rock yesterday and report nice weather but slow fishing.  They did catch a 30 pound roosterfish while trolling and they did raise a 200 plus pound black marlin.

Everyone that is fishing says one day is good and the next day is slow…one day there are tuna and the next day sailfish.  This is tipical off the fishing this time of year.

Thank goodness they finally stopped the oil leak in the gulf.  Let’s all hope that mother nature is stronger and more resiliant than we think and the gulf bounces back.  Also let’s learn from this and make sure it never happens again…we don’t seem to be very good at that for some reason.

The pic above is from a group that went out last week and fished 2 days…they caught 8 sailfish and 8 tuna in the two days offshore.

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