August 16, 2010 – Costa Rica net problems

I apologize for the lack of reports the past few days…the modem provided by our internet company quit working on Friday and you can’t get anything done during the weekend.  I hope to get caught up on emails later this afternoon after I return from the marina.

Not a bunch of action in the marina Los Suenos…there was a group on the 32′ custom and they caught 20 yellowfin all 20 to 40 pounders.  I did hear they kept all the tuna for themselves and did not share with the captain and crew.

The rule down here is the fish does belong to the client and it is common courtesy for the client to offer some of the catch to the captain or crew.  You can’t sell your fish down here and it’s not easy to ship home.  You can find dozens of small restaurants that will cook up your catch and serve it with some rice, beans, veggies and salads on the side.

The 28′ center console did a half day at the 26 rcok and the couple caught some wahoo, some small yellowfin and a 30 pound mahi.

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