August 17, 2010 – sails, mahi and marlin

I talked to a guy today that caught a small blue marlin, 2 sails and a couple mahi mahi yesterday.  He fished about 30 miles offshore and said it was a little choppy in his 32′ express but not too bad.

I get emails everyday from people that are price shopping and looking for the cheapest deal out there.  The reality of sport fishing in Costa Rica is fuel is $5 plus per gallon.  So with all the other cost involved if someone is discounting their listed price by more than 10% they are probably losing money.  So for them to make money they have to cut back on something…that something is fuel.   They will then take you out 10 to 15 miles to fish instead of going out where the bite is…usually 25 to 30 miles out.  You won’t catch much 10 miles out so instead of saving $250 you end up wasting $500 and you go home with negative feelings about Costa Rica fishing.

There are lots of guys in Costa Rica that don’t care about repeat business or referrals and they will promise you anything as long as they get your money one time.

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