Costa Rica sport fishing guarantee

There are some operators out there and some clients that ask for a guarantee “catch fish or your trip is free”.

When I hear about that I am reminded of the movie Tommy Boy when Chris Farley basically says I can take a dump in a box and guarantee you it’s a piece of s***.

When I first moved down here there was a tarpon guide that offered a catch a tarpon or get a free trip.  Well we went, didn’t catch a tarpon and the captain said ok I guess we owe you a free trip.  That was the last I ever heard from him.  Over the course of the next year I sent a half dozen emails and left a few phone messages.  I didn’t even ask for a free trip..I just ask for a good price when the fishing was good and he wasn’t busy.

Recently there was a guy down here offering “catch a marlin or your trip is free”.  He had found a honey hole and had been catching marlin consistently.  He had a group come down and they didn’t catch an marlin and they wanted their money back.  I wasn’t involved in this deal at all…I didn’t get a commission from anyone, I didn’t recommend anyone but for some reason I started getting included in their emails back and forth.

Long story short they wanted a refund, there was some fine print in the deal, they were denied a refund and they were not happy with their Costa Rica sport fishing trip.  The anglers were upset with the captain, the captain was upset with the anglers…it was a bad deal for everyone involved.   The anglers should have read the details more clearly and the captain probably should have given them a discount of some sort despite the fine print.

If something sounds to good to be true…IT IS.

We guarantee the best boat for your budget and time frame.  A safe boat with quality tackle and a captain and crew that will do everything they can to catch you fish.

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