September 24, 2010 – sport fishing Costa Rica

The sport fishing has been pretty good the past week out of Los Suenos resort near Jaco Beach.  The guys going offshore have been catching a good mix of sails, tuna and marlin.

The 42 custom caught 2 marlin, 2 sails and 7 nice tuna, the next day they caught a marlin, a nice tuna, 2 sails and some mahi, a few days later they caught a blue, a stripe, a sail and some tuna.

My buddy went out on a private 43’and they went 30 plus miles but caught a handful of sails and a couple big tuna.  A couple days later they went out for a half day and caught 2 sails and 2 mahi.

There is a big storm in the Caribbean Sea that they say may be a hurricane soon.  We have had our normal evening rains but our days are still mostly sunny and nice.

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