September 26, 2010 – some rain but not bad

The tropical depression Mathew is not doing much here along the central Pacific.  When there are big storms in the Caribbean Sea they just seem to suck moisture of the Pacific side.  We have had a drizzle going for a couple days…no lightning and no thunder…just a light rain.  A weekend of football and cool, rainy weather go good together…almost like fall back home.

Not many people here in Sept and Oct but the fishing continues to be steady.  Boats going to the 26 rock have been getting wahoo, small tuna and some small mahi mahi.  The boats going offshore have been going 30 plus miles but the marlin, sails, tuna and mahi are still being caught.  Boats seem to averaging 4 or 5 fish per day.

I am waiting on some reports from the Caribbean side…I hope to go tarpon fishing a couple times before the end of October.

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