October 3, 2010 – oh the rain

Yesterday was sunny and nice all day and then today it started raining about 3pm and has been dumping cats and dogs ever since.  After a week of steady drizzle the ground has to be saturated and this heavy rain today is bound to cause some landslides along the central Pacific coast tonight.  San Jose in the center of the country has been hit worse than coast and flood videos are all you see on the local news.

Everyone in Costa Rica has tin roofs and when it rains hard like it is now the roar of the hard rain on the tin roofs is deafening.  I have the football game on and the volume at full and I still can’t hear the game.

The 60′ conv in Los Suenos went out yesterday and they fished 35 and said the water was green…they said a couple other boats were at 45 miles and it was still green.  The 60′ managed 1 sailfish and a small mah mahi.

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