October 10, 2010 – mahi mahi show up offshore

The weather around the Los Suenos area has been good…we are seeing the sun during the day and have had some light showers in the evening…no more all day rains like we had last week.

My buddy went out on his private boat yesterday and ran into the big schools of small mahi mahi just 15 miles offshore.  He said the first current line was loaded with mahi… “all you want” in his words.  The mahi usually show up the same time football starts so they are a little late this year but still a good sign.  If the little mahi are out there so are the marlin and sails.

The above mahi was caught by a group that went out recently on the 42′ custom.  The mahi mahi showing up along the current lines are the smaller 10 to 15 pounders.  They are fun on light tackle, fly tackle and hand lines and there are days were you can catch 100 per day if you really wanted to.

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