October 22, 2010 – some rain offshore

Sorry for the lack of reports the past week…not many boats fishing and I have been finishing up my move.  It is so nice to be 5 minutes from the marina, tackle stores and the only grocery store in Costa Rica with Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew.  My gas cost now are $20 a week instead of $20 per day and I have not had to go through a road block yet.  The traffic police around here at times have 2 or 3 rode blocks set up around town.  Sometimes they wave you through and some times they stop you and check if you are all legal.  In the past if you were not legal then you either got a ticket or paid some “chorizo” or “grease” to get back on the road.  More and more they are following the rules…I miss the old days.

The guys on the 33′ express in Los Suenos just put in a pair of new motors and went out fishing today today to test their motors.  They went out to the craters…raised 2 sail… released one and then came home.  They were back in by 11am…the captain said it was rainy with 3 to 5 ft waves so they came home.

The tarpon bite on the Caribbean coast continues to be steady…lots of tarpon around and anglers getting 3 or 4 releases per day.  My tarpon guide invited me over for next week…hopefully I can get away for a couple day.

We are still having normal weather for rainy season but much better weather than Octobers of past.  We have had mostly sunny days with mainly evening showers.

I am still a little behind on emails…so this weekend is work, watch some football and maybe sneak down to the river mouth around sunset for some snook fishing.

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