I usually don’t talk about politics but this morning I am being bombarded with political ads on the TV.  Our networks are out of the Miami area and like everywhere else negative ads are all you see.

Everyone claims to be a Washington outsider and claims they are going to change things.  Politicians said the same thing since the 1970’s…maybe even the 1870’s.   These outsiders get to Washington, pick a side, tow the line and worry about reelection.

Health Care…we have universal health care in Costa Rica and it works ok.  If you don’t have money you can go to the public clinics and get free medical care.  If you have money you can go to the private clinics and hospitals and pay reasonable prices for medical care.   Example..I split my head open and had to go to the emergency room, they helped me right away, they did a good job with the stitches, they were nice and the whole thing with a prescription cost me $50.  At the dentist…it’s $25 to get your teeth cleaned and $25 for a cavity filled.

Employment… Lots of manufacturing jobs have gone overseas the past 20 years.  Not many things say “made in America”, electronics, cars, toys, shoes…even food.  People overseas need us to buy their goods but it has become too lopsided…we need to start buying more American made products even if they cost a little more.

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