November 4, 2010 – who’ll stop the rain

Every Oct/Nov we get dumped on for a week straight and this seems to be that week.  I was hoping we were going to dodge a bullet this year but I guess not.

Costa Rica has declared a national emergency because of the heavy rains.  A few people have died, there are 15 people missing, schools are closed and some towns are closed.  I tried to go to the town of Parrita yesterday to pick up paperwork for my ATV but the road in and out of town were closed because of high water.  I saw lots of homes under water.

It rained hard all night and when I woke up I had an inch of water in my damage but not a fun thing to wake up to…mops, dry vacs and floor fans to try and dry everything out…what a mess.

The death toll is now at 19 as they start to find the missing.

I heard the 38′ express in Quepos that is listed on my website broke off it’s mooring, hit the rocks and sunk early this morning.  Nobody is fishing today but I heard some long line guys out by the craters were catching lots of marlin and mahi mahi.

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