November 5, 2010 – more rain and heartache

It’s another heartbreaking day in Costa Rica as the number of dead and missing increase after some of the worst rains we have had in recent memory.  The rain has not let up making rescue and recovery efforts dangerous and difficult.

Firemen, Red Cross, Police, friends, relatives and neighbors continue to search waist deep in mud to try and find the missing after the flash floods and mudslides…at times digging with their bare hands.

Schools are closed, roads are closed, bridges have been shut down and the country continues to be in a state of national emergency.

You can tell a lot about a people when things are at there worse.  They don’t give up and cry…they fight.  The Costa Ricans are wonderful people and to watch them come together with the limited resources they have  makes me proud to live here.  Viva Costa Rica

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