November 13, 2010 – Los Suenos fishing

Now I have seen everything.  In Jaco they now have guys in green shirts out at the street corners selling tours including fishing trips…guys that have never been fishing, guys that know nothing about fishing and they are selling the crappiest boat in the bay.

Make sure if you book a boat you book it from someone who knows about fishing.  Even if the guy knows something about fishing do your research.  I had a guy send me an email today and he decided to fish with someone else just because they had a smaller boat for $100 less than my 28′ center console.   The guy he booked with was caught last year stealing tips from the mates and captains.  He would go fishing with his clients…collect the money for payment and tip and then slip part of the tip money in his own pocket.  We had 2 American guys that call themselves agents get caught stealing tips last year and they were blackballed from some boats and their name is mud on the charter dock…but they are still out there trying to sell charters.

I have been trying plan a trip to Puerto Rico to go fishing and I am starting to not trust some of those “vacation adviser” sites on the net.  There was a thing on TV about lots of fake comments being posted at one of the most popular sites.   I checked some of the hotels around here and there is an American owned all inclusive an hour away from Jaco Beach.   It is on a terrible beach in a dangerous town with no tourist activities near by and it still had dozens of comments about how great it was… a little fishy.

I have said this before…

Everyone and their brother tries to book charter boats in Costa Rica. I am always amazed when people book a trip with someone who knows nothing about fishing and sometimes nothing about Costa Rica.Here are some of the people you will find trying to sell fishing trips in Costa agents in the USA that have never been fishing, guys that don’t even live in Costa Rica, guys that don’t live at the beach, guys that don’t have a boat but still call themselves captain, guys that hang out in bars looking to find charter clients, real estate agents, hotel clerks, golf caddies, taxi drivers, condo owners, street vendors, waiters, bartenders, ATV tour operators and the list goes on. Don’t trust a non fisherman with your fishing trip

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