Our client’s last words – “I’ll be back”

Fixed up Mike Duffy with the 36′ Express out of Los Suenos for two days of fishing a week ago.  I can’t say it any better then his email:

The fishing was awesome – unreal.  I have fished in a lot of places, but none can compare.  Capt and crew were on it.  They put us on
tons of fish both days.  We would ask to catch a Marlin and we got two, as for Mahi caught two huge ones, looked for tuna got 9.  We got other fish too, but I won’t bore you.

The crew was on it.  They went to the fish regardless of what it took. Both days we had to chase them, but we always found them and when we did is was perfect.  Costa Rica on the ocean reminds you there is a God in heaven.  The weather was great, 1,000+ dolphins helping us fish, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, sea turtles…really reminded you there is more to life than work and the daily grind.  The only downside is bbbbleaving, but in the words of Arnold…”I’ll be back”. Mike Duffy

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