December 17 2010

A group of 4 started out 7am south of the corner but the bite was slow in the morning so they ended up running out another 20 miles.  Thirty minutes after putting out the lines they had a huge marlin on their teasers. Not bad for the 1st fish of the day.

Marlin Running



  Marlin Running 2


After fighting the marlin for about an hour the captain saw a bird party and started to head that direction.  As they got closer they noticed there was also a huge school of Porpoise.  They had the live bait rigged up and the tuna plug out but the tuna only wanted a ballyhoo.


Costa Rica Tuna


On the way in they caught another 3 sailfish for a grand slam!


Costa Rica SailFish December 17th

 The bite is back on.  This group will be back out Sunday and will report back.


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