Let’s talk full moon and fishing!

I have been trying to do some research on the effects of full moon and fishing.   Like with most questions, you go to the world wide web, you end up picking the one you like best. Everyone has an opinion, some have studies, some use charts and some by experience.

With saying that, I have received reports for the last two month of excellent fishing in Costa Rica, until the last two full moons, which seemed to have slowed things a little, still catching fish but not as many.

Some say that with the moon full the insects are more likely to be out at night so the little fish feed on them and the big fish feed on them and they’re just not hungry during the day.

One fisherman believes the real secret to the solar/lunar influences on a daily basis was nothing more than knowing when the sun and moon rose and set on a 24 hour basis.

Here is a couple of reports I have received in the last week,

Fishing Report Jan 18th:

FULL MOON EFFECT from our captain on the 33′ and 60′ out of Los Suenos

Released a 250lb Blue at 9:15 AM

Fishing the 10×54 for 4 hours with 5 other boats in the area.  More birds, bait, flying fish, free jumpers than I have seen in the last 2 months.  BUT, no one reported catching any fish.

Saturday, Jan. 22nd

The captain of the 35′ out of Los Suenos caught a 300# blue marlin today and a couple of sails.

Bottom line the way I see it, is you can catch fish anytime, any day, any moon phase if you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right boat and crew, and with a little luck.    So let’s go fishing.


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