Sorry, It’s Been To Long

Good Morning,
I need to apologize to all of our faithful readers,  I’ve dropped the ball on the report side.   Been a little busy trying to find boats for all that are asking.   No more excuses, Reports are back and will be done on a regular basics.   Fishing it really hot right now, as the weather and the following reports will show   This is just a taste, I will be talking to more captains in more areas today and get the news out tomorrow.

Thanks for your support.

Here is the latest from Rich 33′ and 60′ out of Los Suenos.

We started on the big crater and moved to the small crater.  We were 5 for 7 on the sails.  The rest of the day was slow but we ended up 7 for 11 all day.  Dennis on a private boat out of Los Suenos went 16 for 25 – great day.

A report a couple days earlier from Captain Rich:

We fished the corner all day (within 1 square mile for 90% of the day).

Our group, 3 guys, wanted to hook all the fish so we had nothing to do with the number of catches BUT the 60 Megabites raised more fish than we have in quite some time.

We released 2 of 12 sails that tried to eat our baits, another 6 sails in the spread that would not bit, they also missed 2 marlin, had a 35-40lb Dorado and they also lost that.

 We did our job – find and raise fish.

Captain George, on the 42′ out of Los Suenos, hear the talk and was off to Drake’s Bay – I will work to get a report on how the trip turned out.  Here is just a little taste from Captain George:

We’re going to Drake Bay for a few days, some incredible reports coming from down there, but we had a good day here yesterday, catching 8 of 11 sails.

This is just the start, again thanks for your support.

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