A Lot of Action, some news from Lake Arenal, and a little info!

I’m going to say all the boats have been so busy reeling all these fish in, that they haven’t had time to get some reports in to me.   But I have a few and want to share them with you. 

The 33′ with Captain Rich reports on:

February 17th – the 33′ did 10 for 12 on the sails

February 16th – the 33′ did 5 for 7 on the sails and lost 1 Dorado

February 16th – the 60′ did 8 for 10 on the sails

Thanks Capt. Rich for keeping me updated!!

From our Capt. Ron in Arenal:
The fishing has been ok but not real good because the water is still high and the temperature is down as well. We have been getting fish every day but none that are big. I think in the next couple of weeks it will get better. Hope all is well.  Thanks Capitan Ron! We will be waiting for the reports on the big ones!

I was asked recently about fishing a full day but with 1/2 offshore and 1/2 inshore.  Capt. Dave was nice enough to give me his take on this type of trip, which I wanted to share with you.  (From Capt. Dave)  They could theoretically do 1/2 and 1/2 by running out and fishing offshore in a.m. and trying to inshore fish on the way back in. Here are some of the concerns. You lose a lot of time running. Also to inshore fish you need live bait and sometimes this can take a while so you aren’t really prepared if you spend a good part of the day offshore. The clients just need to be aware that this could compromise the fishing.

Thanks to everyone that is calling and emailing us for trips.  Hope this information is helpful and we will be keeping you informed as the news comes in!!!


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