The Wrap Up of the Los Suenos Billfish Tournament

The second leg of the 2011 Los Sueños Signature Billfish Series, presenting jointly by Smith Merritt Insurance,
Traveler’s Insurance and International Special Risks, held March 2‐5, had 35 participating teams and 133 individual
anglers. It turned out to be a record catch with a release of over 30 fish per boat…officially breaking any and all Los
Sueños tournament records on file! Congratulations anglers on releasing 1057 billfish, including 1033 sails and 24
By 8:19 am on Day 1 we were already had 10 releases registered with tournament control and by 8:46 am the
number had risen to 23 releases. The fish were biting the tournament was off to a very good start. As of 10 am we
had 90 billfish and Gotcha was in the lead with 900 points. By 2 pm, Adios led the pack with 1900 points, followed by
Big Oh with 1700 points. Game On made a huge leap though and took first place for the day with 2800 points after
releasing 28 sails, followed by Adios with 17 sail releases and 1 marlin for 2200 points. Gotcha took third on time, also
with 2200 points.
It seemed at the end of Day 1, that the race for Series Champion would be between Game On, ending the day with a
combined total of 5100 points and Gotcha, with 4900 points.
Fuujin released a double at 9:55 am on Day 2, bringing the total number of releases in the tournament to 450, already
more than doubling the total releases from Leg I of the Series. At 2 pm, it was Game On in first with 4400 points,
followed by Gotcha with 3500 points and Big Oh rounding out of the top three with 3100 points. Would these
standings be telltale of the entire tournament?
At the end of Day 2, Game On finished in first place for the day, having released 46 sails and 1 marlin for 5100 points.
Gotcha ended in second with 4500 points after releasing 40 sails and 1 marlin. Finally, Big Oh took third with 4000
points with 35 sailfish releases and 1 marlin.
It was Voice of the Wild though, that commanded the top of the leader board for the dailies, after releasing 9 sails
and 3 marlin for 2400 points.

Going into Day 3 the teams had released 748 billfish, and were on their way to breaking all previous tournament
records in regards to number of fish per boat. In fact, they were calling in so often that they literally wore out the
tournament radio. Some speedy work in the control room had the radio up and running right away so the boats could
continue calling in release after release.
As of 10:30 am Game On still had control of the top of the leader board with 5400 points, followed again by Gotcha
with 4900 points and Adios in third with 4600 points.
Game On was still in first at 2 pm, but Gotcha and Big Oh were neck and neck, each with 5600 points, vying for
second place. The fishing was so incredible that the total releases for this leg only passed 1000 before 2 pm on Day 3!
At 3 pm Game On showed that they were in no way going to allow anyone to take their win away from them and held
fast to their first place position. Gotcha was in second with 5900 points, just one sail ahead of Big Oh.
With only 45 minutes until lines out, it was still anyone’s game. The bite was so hot that Game On could potentially
even be knocked off their pedestal.
In the end though, Game On was able to clench their first place win with 6200 points after releasing 57 sails and 1
marlin. Gotcha landed in second on time, having reached 6000 points after releasing their last fish at 3.27 pm just half
an hour before Big Oh released their last fish, also for 6000 points.
There was a total of 1057 billfish released by the 35 participating boats, representing a release rate of over 30 fish
per boat!! Congratulations to all teams for beating out all previous tournament records…Fantastic!
1st‐ Game On: 6200 points, 57 sails, 1 marlin
2nd‐ Gotcha: 6000 points, 55 sails, 1 marlin (on time)
3rd‐ Big Oh: 6000 points, 55 sail, 1 marlin
Series Champion‐ Gotcha: 8700 points, 57 sail, 6 marlin
Nearly 500 people gathered at the Los Sueños Beach Club Saturday evening to celebrate the remarkable
accomplishment of the winning teams and see them receive a combined cash total of $82,000.
1st‐ Game On: $41,000 // 2nd‐ Gotcha: $24,600 & Series Champion: $50,000 // 3rd‐ Big Oh: $16,400

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