Sorry for the lack of reports in the last week or so.   I use an internet stick that works off of the cell towers.  Now the cell phones are working but my internet goes down every five minutes.  So I’m having to type very fast, but please know that your emails are very important to us and we will be getting in touch with you between the signals.

So much for venting, FISHING,  a much better subject.  Catches of sails are still in the double digits.  And the boats are looking forward to as many or much in the next month.   Here are a couple reports from the fishermen themselves:

We wanted to do our part and contribute to the fishing report.

We were fishing last week out of Los Suenos on the — 60′ Hatteras from NC.  We fished three days and caught 24 out of 36 bites.  Beautiful weather and fantastic fishing.  I have attached a nice pic of a sail on the wire.  We caught a mahi too.

Jon Lucas

The day was amazing.  We landed Ten sails and one Mahi, and missed several hook ups.  The guys were great .  Thank you for all your hard work with the last minute changes.  If and when I return, I will request the same boat and crew.  Thanks again.

Here are a couple of pic’s.  Enjoy.


Thanks for the reports.

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