March 31, 2008



The bite seems to have scattered with some boats catching 7 or 8 fish and some boats catching only 2 or 3. For some people and some places 2 or 3 Sailfish is a good day. We are a bit spoiled here, especially in the past few months. If you are used to catching 10 fish a day 3 Sailfish can seem like a disapointment.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” took Steve and his friends out and they caught 7 Sailfish and a Striped Marlin that was over 200 pounds. One of the guys had fished offshore but the other 2 were Virgins. Captain Bill broke em in right.  This is a photo of Steve’s MONSTER Sailfish.  Captain Bill says 11 foot long and over 180 pounds…and Bill would know.

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” did a little combo trip and caught 3 Roosterfish and 2 Sailfish.

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