April 6, 2008


The Sailfish bite cooled off a bit yesterday. Everyone reported seeing fewer fish but fortunately most of the boats still had good Sailfish numbers. The bite was mainly Sailfish and a scattered Dorado or two. Not many Tuna or Marlin sightings.

Yesterday Captain Bill went 10 – 19 on Sailfish. Bill’s been on a Sailfish roll for the past couple months…I would guess he is averaging about 15 fish a day.

Captain Dave took the Florida guys out again and they went 6 for 10 on sailfish. The two guys caught 27 Sailfish and a handful of Mahi Mahi on their 3 days of fishing. Darn good when your setting your own hooks.

Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s Up” was 38 miles out but went 8 for 14 on Sails and bagged a couple Dodo’s for the fryer.

The report for today so far is lots of Sailfish in the water…the action is all about 30 miles out.

Captain Bill took Mike and his buddies out on the “Sailfish” and went 11 for 42 today. He said there are fish everywhere. Bill reported numerous triple and quadruple hook ups but he said they would usually just get one fish to the boat.

Captain George on the “Barrilata” went 4 for 10 on Sailfish in his deluxe Panga…they also caught a 170 pound Striped Marlin. The “Barrilata” is taking the Esterillos Crew out tommorow…good luck boys I hope you rip it up.

Captain Jeremy on the “R&J” went 7 for 20 on Sails with a couple 30 pound Dorados.

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