April 8, 2008



The Sailfish bite out of Los Suenos Marina was good to some and hard work for others the past few days.

Everyone is still catching Sailfish, most of the boats are picking up a Dorado or two and some of the lucky ones are getting a shot at a Marlin…no reports of the delicious Yellowfin Tuna.

Yesterday Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” released 17 Sailfish…he said a 50 pound Bull Dorado crashed the spread but didn’t get hooked up. The clients were not disappointed.

Yesterday Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s your Daddy” went 11 for 18 on Sailfish and picked up a couple nice Dorado for dinner. The Captain said they fished 38 miles out.

Today Captain Dana on the “Hoo’s your Daddy” fished with a long time customer from Florida. The bite was slow and they worked hard to find fish and by the end of the day the angler caught his first ever Marlin and his largest Sailfish ever at 150 pounds….congrats. Captain Dana did some bottom fishing yesterday near the rock using butterfly jigs, they caught a 30 pound and 55 pound Broomtail Grouper. When I called Dana and some of the boys were cooking up a big slab of Grouper and having a couple cold beers…if it wasn’t a 30 minute drive I would go up there and chow… Dana’s wife Laura makes some killer grub…it’s the drive home from Dana’s that will get ya.

The guys on the “Spanish Fly” took a crew from Michigan out and in true “Spanish Fly” fashion released 24 Sailfish and a Marlin. Captain Daniel and his guys can catch some fish and they can be a curve buster. Catching 24 fish when everyone else is catching 6 is just not right…they are like the smart kid in class that everybody hated.

Captain George on the “Barrilatta” out of Herradura Bay took the Esterillos gang out yesterday. They went 2 for 10 on Sailfish.

Two for ten on Sailfish. Those days happen when you try and set your own hooks. I personally would rather hook one fish and hand it off then reel in ten fish after someone else has hooked it.

My next project is Costa Rica Fishing School…we’ll teach you to set your own hook.


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