April 10, 2008

We are starting to get our first rumblings of things to come.  The past few days have been cooler with clouds and some rain showers.  Rainy season takes about a month to get here…it doesn’t seem to change the fishing much…it just moves the bite out farther.

As reported earlier in the week the Sailfish bite shifted south.  Since the bite shifted south most of the fisherman shifted south.   The boats that went south caught some good numbers of Sailfish.  Some of the guys that went west also reported some good numbers but not many hook ups.

Bob from Jersey wanted to hook his own fish on the “Fish Whistle”…Captain Brandon did not disappoint.  They went south and Bob went 7 for 15 on Sailfish and caught a 50 pound Bull Dorado.  Bob admitted that fishing with the circle hooks was something new.  It’s hard to undo years of hook setting instinct.

Captain Jorge on the “Barrilata” took a family from Michigan out for a half day trip.  They caught 3 nice Roosterfish and a Shark.  No details on the Shark but the family was happy.

Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s up” took a couple gals out to do some fly fishing.  These girls obviously knew their fly fishin…they caught 8 Roosterfish… on the fly.

It’s usually too windy here for me to fly fish because I must suck at it…this story motivates me to drag that fly rod with me more and start using it.  Eight nice Roosterfish on the fly has got to be some fun.

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