April 14, 2008


The bite seems to be to the south with most of the boats running 30-40 miles. The guys that are going the distance are catching decent numbers of Sailfish and a few Dorado.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” took Brian and his buddy out 40 some miles to the south and went 10 for 20 on Sailfish.

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” ran a long way and went 4 for 8 on Sailfish…Dave thought the bite was slow but 4 for 8 really isn’t a bad day.

There are rumors of a few boats crushing it 45-55 miles out.  The guys on the “Lady Columbo” are rumored to have raised over 60 fish.   One of the Dream boats was rumored to have released 29 Sailfish.

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