The fishing the last couple days has been a good mix of fish.  The seas have still been a little choppy but way better than last week.

One private guy was out 30 to 35 and he said the yellowfin were thick and they caught a bunch in the 15 to 50 pound range.  He said there were some bigs ones in the pack.  I talked to another guy that said the commercial tuna boats moved in there late afternoon and the next day the tuna were gone.

The 28′ center console went out yesterday and went 2 for 4 on sails and caught a striped marlin…they even came in 3 hours early.

The 36 Topaz released 6 sails yesterday.

The guys on the 42′ Maverick have caught 2 black marlin in the last week…they caught one yesterday that was in the 500 pound range.  They have also been getting a handful of sails each day.

The 33 Proline went 4 for 7 on sailfish yesterday and I think they caught a mahi mahi as well.  They caught a blue marlin the day before as well as some sails.

It may sound strange but this is like the fishing we usually have in November…a little more chop and a wide variety of fish offshore.   We have all thought that the season was a couple months behind but 4 months behind…I hope so that would mean we are in for some above average fishing the next 3 or 4 months….cooler temps and shorter runs.

I’m going out tomorrow for a primadonna day offshore…going out on my buddies 53′ Custom with duel flat screens, outdoor grill, air conditioning and all the comforts of a small condo.  I just picked up a couple kilos of jumbo shrimp and the captain is bringing along a tenderloin, sausages and a bunch of cold beers…yum.

I leave mid week for a tarpon and snook trip up on the San Juan river in Nicaragua.  I waited until the new moon passed a couple days and will be fishing alone hoping for a 200 pounder.  Last time I tried small ballyhoo on circle hook but they would not troll correctly at slow speed.  This time I put an order with my captain friend for sardines and I am taking my bubble bucket for live bait…not sure if we will drift them, slow troll anchor up or what.  I really want to figure out how to catch big tarpon with a circle hook instead of those rapala type lures and all those treble hooks.

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