We had already made plans to fish when a couple not so great fishing reports trickled in last night.  One guys went 6 for 12 on sailfish but one of the best boats in the marina caught nothing…and lots of boats just 3 or 4 fish.  I made a few more calls and it turned out that they only guys that did good were about 26 miles out at the corner.

Everyone and their brother was at the corning first thing this morning…we had a couple bite right away and my buddies girlfriend caught her fist ever sailfish so that was a good start.  We usually don’t pull any sailfish out of the water for pics but this was her first and who know’s maybe her last sailfish so we did get a quick pic before a clean release.

From then on it was slow, slow, slow.  We raised another sail mid day and that was the end. There were a couple marlin raised, one boat raised 6 sailfish and a couple boats caught wahoo.

We went 1 for 3 on sailfish and were on my friends 53′ Custom and we were living the high life.  Air conditioning, leather sofa, 2 flat screens and a ton of good food.  We had steak and shrimp sandwiches, garden salad, sausage appetizers, cold beers and a bottle of Grey Goose.  We watched a couple Ceech and Chong movies and had a great day despite the slow fishing.

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